Fun Facts about Camp Bow Wow


Camp bow Wow Dog cleaning up

Wow, that's a clean floor!!


Here at Camp Bow Wow Long Island City we are diligent about keeping our facility clean.

Did you know our Camp play yards and cabins are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized several times each day? We use special, dog-safe chemicals that are environmentally friendly and FDA-approved for use in childcare and medical facilities. We never use bleach, which is a hazardous chemical for dogs and can easily burn sensitive paws if used on play area floors. Even our outdoor play areas are sanitized regularly to keep bacteria at bay and away from our precious pups. We’re pretty sure the dogs would thank us if they could speak – it’d be something like, “Thanks for the fresh ‘n’ clean play space – it’s a delight to wrestle on a sparkly clean floor!”

Have You Met the Owner? Camp Bow Wow LIC’s Top Dog


And boy is he going to be shocked when he reads this!

It’s his birthday this month so I thought I would give him a little shout out from all of us at Camp Bow Wow! He was born on December 3rd, sometime in the 70’s in the small town of Winchestertonfieldville, Illinois. Actually I don’t know where he grew up, I just know it was in Illinois. Anyway, his parents gave him the name Stephen Anthony Neagus, which soon became just Tony to all his little pre-school friends. As he got older people began to address him by Steve, which confused all his little friends. Thus the nickname was born, “Stony” (Steve-Tony).  This further confused another group of classmate’s at his school because he wasn’t part of the “stoner” group at all. He was a calculator carrying, mathematical and grammatical genius with the clarity of mind to memorize such trivial details as: What 1940’s movie starred both Grace Kelly and Matt Lauer? Only Stony would know that. You should stop in some time to quiz him on his middle 20th Century movie and music knowledge. I’ve spent many an afternoon driving around Queen’s and surrounding areas listening to him talk about a time in which he couldn’t possibly have lived. He talks of Musical Groups from the 60’s that only 10 people (in his age group) know about. As you would guess, the small town of Whatchamacallit, Illinois was not big enough to contain Mr. Neagus.


After graduating from college he moved to Boston and tried his hand at Ice Cream Truck driving which led him to NYC, where Ice Cream Trucks were born. After a brief stint (6 years) in Finance, Steve began to set his sights on something grander. His passion for animals led him to start his own dog care business. 1 million subway rides later he realized that chasing dogs around the city was no longer fun. He decided at the age of 16 to start Camp Bow Wow. Actually it was about 4 years ago so that can’t be right, maybe he was 30?? Anyhow, he started Camp Bow Wow as a way to stay in the pet business without going crazy. But boy, was that silly. He has assembled a group of employees that must surely have driven him mad because as you read this… he is in the Tennessee mountains at Dollywood chasing his worries away eating a deep-fried Twinkie at Aunty Granny’s Funnel Cake Factory. Let’s hope he doesn’t get on The Thunderhead roller coaster after two of those bad boys!

Anyway, enough of that. THANK YOU STEVE, AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ALL OF US AT CAMP BOW WOW! You’re a good boss and a good friend to all of us!!

In the coming days I will try to bring you even more stories about camp, about crazy steve and other cute goings on at camp here on our Dog Blog. Check back in from time to time.


Oh…. the Holidays!!

Yappy Howl-idays everybody!

Did you all have a great Thanksgiving? Camp was crazy busy, but as you know we love dogs, and so it was a bit of heaven.:-) We ended up being 100% booked over the Thanksgiving weekend, setting a camp record for dogs in the mean time.  We expect the same for Christmas so make sure you book NOW!

I also wanted to introduce some new staff to you this month, starting with Amanda Lospinuso. She is from Long Island, although she has lived and worked in Florida until recently. In Florida Amanda spent her time working at a local animal shelter. I have included some pics of her with the dogs just below.

We are offering a special deal for the month of December that I hope all you will take advantage of.  Buy One Get One Free dog walks for your pooch! Whether you have your pooch in for Daycare or Boarding we can accommodate. Simply mention this offer when you come in with your dog, and we’ll see to that your dog has a great time! Also don’t forget that we have Gift Certificates available, so don’t forget to ask Santa for one this year!

Lastly, I have included a fun holiday photo that professional photographer, Michael Bagley took at our Lacey, NJ Camp Bow Wow location. Michael donated his time and the event raised money for their local shelter. If you are interested in having us do the same, please email Steve or Lucy to let them know. We would love to do it if we have enough interest.

Bow Wow Buddies Foundation Update: Make the Howlidays Special – Adopt a Shelter Dog and Lend a Paw!

At the end of the year, we all take time to reflect on the things that we are thankful for and have brought us fulfillment.  We spend time with family and friends and feel love and contentment; it’s a time of reflection and of course excitement for what’s to come next in our lives.

We would like to ask our loyal customers for a national call to action to take one day out of the month in December to “Lend a Paw” to a local shelter or rescue by volunteering, adopting a shelter/rescue pet, or donating much-needed supplies and/or food.  Shelters across America are sorely underfunded and many need our help to stay open and thrive.  They often completely rely on our generous contributions to feed and provide for the animals in their care. Continue reading

Breed of the Month: German Shepherd

The German Shepherd Dog, whose versatility has led it to such varied careers as sentry, police dog, tracker, drug dog, search-and-rescue dog, and guide dog was first imported to North America early in the 1900s and got its biggest boost in popularity after World War I, largely because of the screen exploits of Rin Tin Tin.

Shepherds make a loyal family dog and fearless guardian of the home. The ideal height for males is 25 inches at the shoulder, and weight ranges from 75 to 80 pounds. Females are somewhat smaller.

Lots of daily outdoor exercise is a must. The double coat is dense, straight and close in black and tan, black, and varying shades of sable. They shed heavily, so the breed needs regular, thorough brushing.

Shepherds are intelligent and easy to train, especially when training begins at an early age. They perform well in obedience and other canine sports. This breed loves children and is a superb watchdog.

Tips to Keep Your Pet Healthy During Flu Season

Excerpts taken from: by David Barras

Flu season can take a toll on man’s best friend just as much as on man. And this year, for the first time, there’s a vaccination available. Should your dog get the shot?

The “dog flu” affects Fido similarly to how the flu affects people, said veterinarian, Dr. Sara Rudwell.

“They may have just a little bit of discharge from their nose and a low-grade fever and feel a little bit off,” said Dr. Rudwell. “And maybe a little bit less appetite.”

While the dog flu cannot be passed to humans, it is contagious to other dogs.

The decision to give your dog the flu vaccine should be carefully made through consultation with your veterinarian. As with all vaccines, side effects are possible, although rare. Discussing the risks ahead of time will help you make a confident decision for your pet.

“Reactions like swelling of the face, vomiting, hives, and lethargy are possible with the flu vaccine as with any vaccine,” said Dr. Rudwell. “More serious reactions, like shock are quite rare.”

For more information on the “dog flu” vaccine, consult your veterinarian or visit or call Steve or Lucy at Camp Bow Wow in Long Island City, 718-392-9663.